Daily Gains

As we go about our busy lives, we sometimes fail to notice all of the good that comes to us each day. I have noticed that if I write down the good things, as they happen, or at the very least at the end of the day, the amount of gratitude and appreciation that I have for life soars. Also, it seems as if even more cool, unusual and awesome things are naturally attracted into my life. I have been using gratitude journals for years and suggest that you begin to do the same. I will also be posting some of my personal gains in this section.

So here are my highlights from yesterday:

  1. Out of the blue a friend sent me so beautiful earrings. It wasn’t my birthday or any other special occasion.
  2. I had an awesome lunch with my father and got to have some quality time with him.
  3. My sister and her family finally nailed down some dates so we can take a cruise together.
  4. I was offered a new car.
  5. My best friend introduced me to virtual reality, which is awesome.
  6. I had been trying to get this site up and running through a CDN and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t propagating. After taking a walk, the answer hit me and within minutes the site was launched.
  7. The weather was dazzling and I actually got to take that walk with my friend.
  8. I began saying my favorite affirmation again and just feel phenomenal. Here it is for any of you who would like to use it, “Every day in Every way I am getting Better and Better,”  by Emile Coue. Say it twenty times every day and see what happens!

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